Centre for Legumes in Mediterranean Agriculture


Useful Links
Grower Group Alliance Calendar of Events - of interest to WA growers, advisers, development officers and researchers

DAFWA current events - of interest to WA growers, advisers, development officers and researchers

ABARE - Australia's leading applied economic research agency

AEP - see European Association for Grain Legume Research below

Agrifood Infonet - an online information resource for business and market intelligence in the agri-food industry, established through DAWA.

ARWA - "Agricultural Research Western Australia", a joint venture between Curtin University of Technology, the Department of Agriculture, Murdoch University and The University of Western Australia.  [comment: this URL does not work for link]

Aquaculture waste output model - model to estimate production and nutrient outputs from aquaculture

Australasia-Pacific Extension Network (APEN) - the only representative organisation in the region for extension professionals

Australian Centre for Necrotrophic Fungal Pathogens - based at Murdoch University [comment: the URL for this link leads to a murdoch 'page not found']

Australian Wheat Board Ltd (AWB) - the Australian grains marketer

Australian Wool Innovation (AWI) - AWI drives research, development, innovation and marketing to increase the long-term profitability of Australian woolgrowers.

Birchip Cropping Group - run by farmers for farmers

Centre of Excellence (ARC) in Integrative Legume Research - based at University of Queensland. Research into plant physiology, molecular and cell biology.

Centre for Rhizobium Studies - based at Murdoch University, WA

Conference alerts - links to academic conferences worldwide.

Consultative Group on International Agricultural Research (CGIAR) - promotes sustainable agriculture for food security in developing countries

Co-operative Bulk Handling Ltd (CBH) - owned, controlled and financed by the grain growers of Western Australia

Council of Grain Grower Organisations Ltd. (COGGO) - an innitiative to increase the role of growers in directing, managing and financing the breeding of improved crop varieties.

CropLife Australia - CropLife Australia members invent, develop, manufacture and market pesticides and crop biotechnology products used by Australia’s producers.

CRC for Plant-Based Management of Dryland Salinity

CSIRO Australia - Australia's largest scientific research agency

Decision support tools - A summary of models, forecasts and other support tools of potential use to farmers, researchers etc. available through the Department of Agriculture and Food, WA. [comment: this URL is no longer linked to anything]

Department of Agriculture and Food, WA

Department of Education, Science & Training - Higher Education Research [comment: URL not linked to anything anymore]


European association for grain legume research (AEP) - A European-based platform for scientists and end-users, to strengthen and promote research on grain legumes. 

Export Grain Centre (ECG) - an independent, investment organisation which aims to ensure a choice of world class crop varieties for WA farmers.

Feeding lupins to fish - review of the nutritional and biological value of lupins in aquaculture feed [comment: URL not available anymore]

Go Grains - Information on nutrition and health benefits of grains and pulses [comment: URL not available anymore]

Go Grains - Information for Primary school teachers and students [comment: URL not available anymore]

Grain Pool of WA

Grains Research & Development Corporation (GRDC)

Grower Group Alliance [comment: page not found anymore]

ICARDA - International Center for Agricultural Research in Dry Areas

International Legume Database & Information System (ILDIS) - dedicated to the study of the plant family Leguminosae

International Trifolium Network (ITN) - Global Co-ordination of translational genomics in forage legumes

International Working Group on Legume and Vegetable Viruses

Kondinin Group - Information for Agriculture

Legume Information System - a resource that integrates genetic and molecular data from multiple legume species

Local farmer group network - an initiative to create better links between researchers, industry and remote grower groups

Lupin.org - an information portal for farmers, agronomists, buyers, processors, researchers, teachers.

Lupin aphid and virus information - includes a decision support system for growers and advisers

PapersINVITED.com - web portal featuring an exhaustive listing of 'Calls for Papers' on any topic, from every corner of the world

Pastures Australia - Pastures Australia manages and coordinates investments in pasture improvement by AWI, GRDC, MLA and others

Plant Disease Forecasts - seasonal forecasts for diseases of broadacre crops in Western Australia.

Pulse Australia

Rural Industries Research and Development Corporation (RIRDC) - managing and funding priority research and translating results into practical outcomes for rural industry

SABC - Western Australian State Agricultural Biotechnology Centre

Science Alert - news about science, technology and innovation

Science Network WA - science news, events and R&D in Western Australia

SEA News - Sustainability and Economics in Agriculture Newsletter on bioeconomic and social research on sustainability and economics in agriculture. [comment: URL no longer exists]

Seeds of Life East Timor Project - an Australian government funded initiative which aims to improve crop yield and resistance to pests and disease in East Timor

SPIN Search - a database of funding opportunities [comment: URL no longer works]

WANTFA - Western Australian No-Tillage Farming Association

Web-Agri - the agricultural search engine

Young Australian Rural Network - an interactive website designed for young people in rural industries


Centre for Legumes in Mediterranean Agriculture

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